2011 — the year of little sleep

2011 was a busy year. It’s hard to believe that it was only February when I first posted about my experiments mining the contents of the Trove newspaper database. Since then I’ve developed a set of digital tools, organised THATCamp Canberra, given a series of presentations on the possibilities of digital history, pushed ahead with Invisible Australians, and tried to develop my own digital research program. Oh yes, and endeavoured to earn enough money to feed the kids and pay the mortgage…

It looks like 2012 could be even busier, so before I lose track completely, I thought I’d pull together some of the past year’s exploits for handy reference. So here’s (most of) my presentations for 2011…

8 June 2011 — ‘Confessions of an impatient historian’
Scholars’ Lab, University of Virginia

18 August — ‘Digital history: new tools and techniques’
National Museum of Australia

24 August — ‘Hacking the archives’
Archival description in an online world, Recordkeeping Roundtable, Sydney

5 September 2011 — Digital research methods
Cultural heritage students, University of Canberra

14 September 2011 — ‘Every story has a beginning’
Keynote presentation at the Indexing See Change Conference (Australian and New Zealand Society of Editors)

13 November 2011 — ‘Digital history: new tools and techniques’
Dragontails 2011: 2nd Australasian conference on overseas Chinese history & heritage, Museum of Chinese Australian History, Melbourne

30 November 2011 — ‘It’s all about the stuff’
National Digital Forum, Wellington, New Zealand

7 December 2011 — ‘An introduction to digital history’
Digital December, State Library of NSW

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I'm a historian and hacker who researches the possibilities and politics of digital cultural collections.

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