2014 — the making and the talking

This my now traditional ‘what I done this year’ post, which, if nothing else, makes me check that my various experiments are still alive. It’s been a challenging year trying to balance my work as Trove Manager with my broader passions and responsibilities as a member of the digital humanities community. So yeah. My personal highlights included heading to Japan to give a keynote at the annual conference of the Japanese Association of Digital Humanities, building Eyes on the past, and resurrecting THATCamp Canberra.

2015 is shaping up as both exciting and scary. On the scary front there’s the whole giving a keynote to hundreds of the world’s leading digital humanities scholars at DH2015 thing (cue imposter syndrome). There’ll also be the launch of Copyfight from NewSouth Publishing, which includes contributions from me and some really-real writers. I’m looking forward to squeezing in some more work on Invisible Australians and a few other research projects. Stay tuned.

The making

Inserting usual disclaimer here that this is not what I get paid to do as Trove Manager. These are projects and experiments I undertake in my own time, for my own reasons, at the cost of my own sanity. So all the problems and mistakes are also mine.

The talking

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