A Change in the Weather

A Change in the Weather
A Change in the Weather

We live between weather and climate – between the daily experience of nature and our attempts to discern the patterns and regularities that define an Australian climate. In this land of extremes, where climatic variability is the norm, we are constantly challenged by the experience of change.

A Change in the Weather explores our attempts to fashion lives and meanings in the the ‘El Niño continent’. It is an interdisciplinary ‘weather report’ that draws together perspectives from the social sciences, the humanities, science and engineering to deepen our understanding of the relationship between climate and culture.

With essays by: Bill Bunbury, Daniel Connell, Tom Griffiths, Richard Grove, Clive Hamilton, RW Home, Ian Lowe, Janet McCalman, Tony McMichael, Neville Nicholls, Libby Robin, Deborah Rose, Janis Sheldrick, Tim Sherratt, Mike Smith and David Walker.

ISBN 1876944 28 5
Hardback, 224 pages, 245mm x 175mm
Colour illustrations throughout



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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I'm a historian and hacker who researches the possibilities and politics of digital cultural collections.

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