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#Borderfarce, building, and a hacker’s reward

Presented at the National Scholarly Communications Forum, Canberra, 7 September 2015. About 10 days ago I was part of what the Australian described as a ‘frenzy of hyperbole, hysteria and straightforward misinformation’ as Twitter responded to Border Force’s plans to patrol the streets of Melbourne in a crackdown on visa fraud. Like many others I […]

Coming soon — our first LOD-Book!

I spoke recently at the LODLAM Summit and the New Factual Storytelling Symposium about my latest experiments in developing online historical narratives that embed rich structured data about people, places, events and resources. I also mentioned that there were plans afoot to publish a couple of substantial works using the framework. One of these will […]

Unremembering the forgotten

Keynote presented at DH2015, 3 July 2015. Full slides available on SlideShare.   This, you might be surprised to learn, is not the first time that Australia has welcomed some of the world’s leading thinkers to its shores. Just over a hundred years ago, the British Association for the Advancement of Science held its annual meeting […]

Asking better questions: History, Trove and the risks that count

  This is the published version of my chapter ‘Asking better questions: History, Trove and the risks that count’ in the book CopyFight, edited by Phillipa McGuiness. It’s reproduced here with the permission of the publishers. You can buy a copy of the book from NewSouth Press or just about any bookstore. You can also download […]

My two lives

My blog hasn’t quite caught up the fact that I now have two jobs to go along with my two lives. Monday to Wednesday I’m still part of the Trove management team at the National Library of Australia, but on Thursdays and Fridays I’m Associate Professor of Digital Heritage in the Faculty of Arts and […]

Myths, mega-projects and making

Keynote presented by video at EuropeanaTech 2015, 13 February 2015. The video of this presentation is available on Vimeo and the slides are on SlideShare.   In the aftermath of World War II, Australian hopes for a new era of national progress were expressed in a massive engineering project called the Snowy Mountains Scheme. The project promised […]

Seams and edges: Dreams of aggregation, access & discovery in a broken world

Presented at ALIA Online 2015, 3 February 2015 in Sydney. A longer version with bonus references will be made available on the ALIA Online site. Slides are on Slideshare.   In March 1930 the Sydney Electrical and Radio Exhibition opened in a blaze of excitement. Aboard his yacht in Genoa, inventor Guglielmo Marconi triggered a […]

2014 — the making and the talking

2014 — the making and the talking

This my now traditional ‘what I done this year’ post, which, if nothing else, makes me check that my various experiments are still alive. It’s been a challenging year trying to balance my work as Trove Manager with my broader passions and responsibilities as a member of the digital humanities community. So yeah. My personal […]

Sketching with Python and Plotly

Sketching with Python and Plotly

I’m currently trying to make some progress with my ‘seams and edges’ paper for ALIAOnline 2015 and naturally ended up writing some code (what me procrastinate?). I was wondering about ways of exploring the ‘representativeness’ of an aggregation like Trove — what’s there and what’s not — so started noodling around with the Trove API. The […]