Digital disruptions: Finding new ways to break things

Recently I gave a presentation at the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Arts eResearch Forum. The slides for my talk, ‘Digital Disruptions: Finding New Ways to Break Things’, are available online (thanks to reveal.js). I also managed to make a fairly basic recording — I’m intending to create a transcript, but for now you’re welcome to download and listen you can listen via SoundCloud.

Basically I was arguing that as well as making stuff, digital humanities can involve a lot of stretching, twisting, pushing and breaking stuff. The web is not fixed or static, there are many points at which we can intervene and change the way information is presented. What we need is confidence to pull things apart, and the ability to critically examine why things work the way they do (or don’t). And imagine alternatives.

After my talk there were a number of interesting reports from people around the university. Brett Holman has provided a great summary on his Airminded blog, as well as doing his best to find me a job!

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I'm a historian and hacker who researches the possibilities and politics of digital cultural collections.


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