RecordSearch tools broken!?

BREAKING NEWS (2.00pm, Monday, 8 December): RecordSearch seems to be back on the old subdomain, so now the userscript fix is not working! To be safe, I’ve updated the userscript again so that it will work on both the old and new subdomains. I’ll do the same with the Zotero translator, though for the time being it should be working. If you updated the userscript in the last few hours, you’d better do it again – sorry…

Just a quick update in regard to the tools I’ve developed for use with the National Archives of Australia’s RecordSearch database — the RecordSearch translator for Zotero, and the RecordSearch Image Tools userscript.

The subdomain under which RecordSearch operates was changed over the weekend to As a result of this change neither the Zotero translator nor the userscript will work.

I’ve updated the the RecordSearch Image Tools userscript to fix the problem. Just go to:

and click on the ‘Install’ button. This will overwrite the old version with the new one. As a bonus extra, if you haven’t installed or updated the script recently, you’ll notice that I’ve improved the way it prints out files. Details are on the script page.

I will upload a new version of the Zotero translator to the developers asap. Once they add this to the repository your Zotero will automatically install the fix. However, I’m not sure how long it will take for it to be added. I’ll post an update once it’s been fixed.

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