Mapping our Anzacs

May 12, 2012 /
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February 9, 2009 /

There’s more 3D goodness for you to enjoy now that the Mapping our Anzacs scrapbook is Cooliris-enabled. If you have Cooliris installed, you’ll notice that the Cooliris icon on your browser toolbar lights up when you visit the site. Just click on the icon to browse all the photos posted to the scrapbook on a glorious 3D wall.

Scrapbook posts in 3D
Scrapbook posts in 3D

(If you don’t have Cooliris then go and get it. It can be used both in Internet Explorer and Firefox, though you’ll probably need to have admin rights to install for IE.)

Having given the 3D treatment to digitised files from the National Archives of Australia and portrait images from the Australian Dictionary of Biography, it wasn’t too hard to do. The scrapbook is a Tumblr site and the api makes it easy to extract all the photos. So I created a php file to gather all the details and then write them to a media-rss file. Then it was just a matter of  inserting a link to it in the scrapbook. Read MoreCooliris-enabled scrapbook

January 30, 2009 /