Conversations with collections

Notes from a talk I gave at the Digital Treasures Symposium, 21 June 2013, University of Canberra. Over the last couple of weekends I’ve been building a bot. Let me introduce you to the TroveNewsBot. TroveNewsBot is just a simple script that periodically checks for messages from Twitter, uses those messages to create queries in […]

‘A map and some pins': open data and unlimited horizons

This is the text of my keynote address to the Digisam conference on Open Heritage Data in the Nordic Region held in Malmö on 25 April 2013. You can also view the video and slides of my talk, or experience the full interactive experience by playing around with my text/presentation in all its LOD-powered glory. […]

For you, with all best wishes…

Yep, there’s a new version of QueryPic. About 18 months ago I created a little Python script to visualise search results in Trove’s collection of digitised newspapers. After a bit more tweaking. I christened it QueryPic. People started to use it. It was even reviewed in the Journal of Digital Humanities. With the release of […]

The new QueryPic (or what a difference an API makes)

It seems a bit late to be introducing the newest version of QueryPic. Folks are already using it to explore the contents of digitised newspapers made available through Trove and Papers Past. Some, like the National Library of New Zealand, Andrew S. Bowman and the Carnamah Historical Society are already blogging about it. But I suppose […]


You may have noticed I have a bit on an interest in exploring ways of using digitised historical newspapers. In the last year or so I’ve spent a lot of time scraping, mining, processing and visualising content from the Trove collection of digitised Australian newspapers. But what about other countries? Recently I was invited to a digital […]

Mining the treasures of Trove

In February I made a quick dash to Melbourne to talk at VALA2012. The paper I originally submitted, ‘Mining the treasures of Trove: New approaches and new tools’, provided a general introduction to the use of digitised historical newspapers and the possibilities of digital history. You can download the pdf from the VALA2012 proceedings, or view […]