For you, with all best wishes…

Yep, there’s a new version of QueryPic. About 18 months ago I created a little Python script to visualise search results in Trove’s collection of digitised newspapers. After a bit more tweaking. I christened it QueryPic. People started to use it. It was even reviewed in the Journal of Digital Humanities. With the release of […]

The new QueryPic (or what a difference an API makes)

It seems a bit late to be introducing the newest version of QueryPic. Folks are already using it to explore the contents of digitised newspapers made available through Trove and Papers Past. Some, like the National Library of New Zealand, Andrew S. Bowman and the Carnamah Historical Society are already blogging about it. But I suppose […]


Back when I was looking at ‘When did the Great War become the First World War?‘ I promised a detailed post on how I constructed the graphs. But of course I got distracted. Then I started adding new features to the script and redesigning the graphs, so… Anyway, the result is a rather neat little […]

A wordled Constitution

If you haven’t played with Wordle yet, you should. Feed it your latest article, your thesis, your blog and see what emerges from the cloud. Some months ago I wordled the Australian Constitution (as you do). Wordle’s expert legal analysis offers a fairly positive assessment of our federal system, suggesting that Commonwealth and state powers […]